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Vat Dye

Vat Dye

Vat Dye
Vat Dye
Vat dyes are typically water-insoluble dyess that can be synthetically diminished in the vicinity of base to frame a water dissolvable and colorless leuco type of the dye, which is then applied to the fiber. Vat dyes can be promptly connected to cellulosic strands and most manufactured filaments, yet mind must be taken in applying the dyes to protein strands because of the high basicity of the leuco dye arrangement which can harm protein strands.

The obliged water for coloring is cleaned up and it is keep up at fitting temperature (50º- 60 ºC) the diminishing and coloring temperatures shift from dyestuffs to dyestuff. The vatted color arrangement might than be added to the color shower containing the obliged measure of scathing pop sodium hydro sulfate, kept at suggested temperature.

The very much scoured wet yarn is entered in the color shower and turned a few times, so that the natural inclination of the shading may be uniform. The yarn is then kept totally drenched under the color alcohol and the coloring is proceeded for 60 minutes. The yarn is turned every now and then…  Consideration ought to be washed up at obliged temperature furthermore to keep the yarn completely submerged under the alcohol.

The weariness operators or hindering specialists are added to the color shower relying on the dyestuffs taken, amid the whole coloring period. Abundance amounts of both sodium hydroxide (NaoH) and sodium hydro sulfate (Na2s2O4) ought to be exhibit in the color shower with a specific end goal to keep the color in the solvent structure. Toward the end of the coloring the halfway or totally depleted color shower must be kept in an unmistakably decreased condition; generally oxidation of the remaining vatted color happens in the color shower itself prompting the presence of turbidity. This is guaranteed by including adequate sodium hydro sulfate. The colored products might then be expelled from the color shower and abundance alcohol which contains the unexhausted vat dye, sodium hydroxide, sodium hydro sulfate is expelled concerning as could reasonably be expected from the merchandise.

The colored merchandise are washed with cool water and after that subjected to an oxidation treatment by presentation to environmental oxygen. This is called "air oxidation" or "airing" however the oxidation may be quickened by utilizing stronger oxidizing operators, for example, sodium every borate or hydrogen peroxide or sodium dichromate in the vicinity of acidic corrosive. This methodology is normally alluded to as substance oxidation.

Amid the oxidation step the sodium salt of leuco vat dye consumed by the fiber is oxidized and changed over into insoluble color in the fiber. In the meantime the vatted color contained in the remaining alcohol in the merchandise being colored additionally gets changed over into the insoluble structure which is approximately saved on the fiber surface. This inexactly saved color on the surface of the fiber must be uprooted for attaining to ideal quickness properties particularly rubbing and washing speed properties. This is accomplished by soaping procedure. The colored material is dealt with in hot cleanser arrangement or a manufactured cleanser answer for 15 – 30 minutes. After the soaping treatment the colored merchandise ought to be flushed altogether lastly the colored material is dried.


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