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This is the last area of ring machine in which yarn is wound on the plastic bobbin by the up and down movement of ring rail which is connected to a little motor. It is additionally essential on the grounds that the setting of ring rail makes loops of yarn on bobbin in such a route, to the point that the Z-twist is not open amid winding procedure. 

A few focuses are imperative amid winding procedure: 

 Ring rail rate or speed setting 

 Bobbin material 

 No. of  coils per-inch

Winding is the procedure of exchanging yarn or string starting with one kind of package then onto the next to encourage resulting handling. The re-treatment of yarn is a fundamental piece of the fiber and textile businesses. Not just must the package and the yarn itself be suitable for preparing on the following machine in the generation process, additionally different elements, for example, pressing cases, weight because of winding pressure, and so forth., must be considered. Essentially, there are two sorts of winding machines: exactness winders and drum winders. Accuracy widers, utilized fundamentally for fiber yarn, have a cross driven by acam that is synchronized with the axle and produce packages with a jewel designed wind. Drum winders are utilized primarily for spun yarns; the package is driven by frictional contact between the surface of the package and the drum.

Sorts of Winding:

Accuracy Winding 

Non Precision Winding 

Accuracy Winding 

By accuracy winding progressive loops of yarn are laid near one another in a parallel or close parallel way. By this methodology it is conceivable to create extremely thick package with greatest measure of yarn put away in a given volume.

Highlights of Precision Winding 
Package are twisted with a responding cross

Designing and rubbing reasons harm of packages

Package contains more yarn

Package is less steady

The package is hard and smaller

The package is thick

Rate of unwinding of package is low and the procedure of unwinding is hard

The loosened up curl is masterminded in a parallel or close parallel way

Non Precision Winding 
By this kind of winding package is framed by a solitary string which is laid on the package at calculable helix point so that the layers cross each other and offer dependability to the package. The packages shaped by this sort of winding are less thick however is more steady.

Highlights of Non Precision Winding 
One and only loop is utilized to make this packages

Cross winding system is utilized

The package thickness is low

Least number of yarn is wound

The package shaped is delicate and less smaller

The steadiness is high

Ribs are not needed

The rate of unwinding is high and the procedure is simple

The packages framed have low thickness.


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