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Knit Dyeing

Knit Dyeing

Planning for Dyeing knit: 

Knit Dyeing
Dyeing knit
Creation getting ready for dyeing is called "Batch plan". As indicated by the bunch no, shading, width, style and development the group arrangement is made.

Pad Steam Range for Nonstop Dyeing of Knitted Fabrics 

Nonstop dyeing for knitted fabric was outlandish in the past on the grounds that there was no steamer accessible to handle the sensitive lattice material.

The steamer, in any case, is the most imperative module of the entire Pad Steam Range. In the steamer the dyestuff must be altered on the fiber without harming or distorting the fragile structure of the knitted fabric and without tailing or focus side variety.

Goller now has built up another ceaseless Pad Steam dyeing range for this sort of fabric. All parts are Goller made framing piece of the current secluded machine program.

The steamer as the most vital segment has been produced absolutely new with a remarkable configuration for this unique innovation.

The passage entry is adjusted for the vehicle of the impregnated knit fabric into the steamer.

The fabric is conveyed in tight strand frame on guide rollers from the padder nip to the steaming zone through the steam lock. Sensible pressure measuring burden cells ensure the very nearly tensionless vehicle. From there on the fabric is given over to enormous dimensioned transport rollers which are driven separately and similarly controlled by exceedingly delicate burden cells.

Inside the steamer the fabric is not presented to any anxiety through strain or slacks. During this phase of the procedure this is of high significance as the fabric in the steamer is wet from the dye liquor and furthermore presented to immersed steam. Through the sump warming a totally even steam air is ensured and the evenness of the dyeing result is secured.

The resulting washing procedure where color fastnesses, evenness and hand feel are at long last characterized is done on the no doubt understood Sintensa ranges. They combine tensionless fabric transport with astounding washing impact, vital for good soaping results and massiveness of the washed, flushed and killed fabric.

The Goller Pad Steam range for knitted products ensures ideal dyeing conditions during the entire entry through the range bringing about flawless measurement security of the completed fabric. The dyeing results are accordingly remarkable and the dyed fabric demonstrates the most noteworthy quality, incredible fastnesses and in addition delicate and cumbersome hand being key for an effectively offering fabric.

Most vital for the textile industry, notwithstanding, are the upsides of this new process innovation. Other than reproducibility, speedy results in view of the ceaseless methodology and great fabric execution, the natural viewpoints must be considered. The nonstop dyeing methodology of knits spares significant measures of valuable water and vitality. So it is completely in accordance with the endeavors of Goller to minimize the use of utilities for the advantage of the client and to wrap things up nature.

Knit Dyeing with Reactive Dyes:


Temperature = 600-1000C
Time =60 min
Sequestering agent = 0.5 g/L
Anti creasing agent = 0.3g/L
NaCl or Glauber salt =80 g/L
Reactive Dye= x%
Caustic Soda= 1 g/l
or Soda Ash= 5g/L
Soap = 0.25 g/L
M: L = 1:10

Capacity of these Fixings: 

Sequestering specialists is utilized to change over hard water into delicate water. 

Against wrinkling operators is utilized to expel wrinkle mark from fabric. 

Gluber salt is utilized for weariness of color as a part of the fiber. 

Caustic Soda and Soda Ash are utilized for obsession of color as a part of the fiber. 

Acidic corrosive is utilized for killing the colored fabric. 

Cleanser is utilized for washing the colored fiber.

Dyeing Technique: 

At first fabric, obliged water and obliged against wrinkling specialists is included the color shower. At that point sequestering operators and gluber salt of obliged sum is included the color shower. At that point the shower is kept rest for 5 minutes. After that responsive color of obliged sum is included the color shower. In the wake of including color in the color shower, the shower is kept for 30 minutes. Amid this period fatigue of color happens in the fabric. At that point obliged measure of soluble base is included for obsession of color into the fabric. In the wake of including antacid we will sit tight for 50 minutes and afterward we will check the shade. In the event that shade is OK then fabric will be taken for after treatment.


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