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Garment Dyeing

Garment Dyeing

Garment Dyeing
Garment dyeing
Garment dyeing coloring or dyeing is the procedure of coloring completely formed garments, (for example, pants, pullovers, shirts, pants, sweaters, dresses, shower robes, easygoing coats, shirts, skirts, hosieries) ensuing to assembling, rather than the ordinary strategy for assembling Garments dyeing from predyed fabrics. Most articles of clothing are made of cotton weave products and/or cotton woven fabrics. 

Albeit a few different fabrics can be found in the entire or to a limited extent, for example, fleece, nylon, silk, acrylic, polyester and others. Because of expense funds and design patterns, Garment dyeing  has been picking up significance and ubiquity in the previous years and will keep on doing as such later on.

Garment Dyeing Machines:

Paddle machines and rotating drums are the two sorts of hardware frequently utilized for article of clothing coloring. Turning drum machines are some of the time favored for articles of clothing, which oblige gentler taking care of, for example, sweaters. A high alcohol proportion is needed for oar machines, which is less efficient and may breaking point shade reproducibility. Numerous apparatus organizations have created refined rotating coloring machines, which consolidate best in class innovation. Taking after machines are for the most part utilized for article of clothing coloring.

Paddle Dyeing Machines:

A methodology of coloring materials in a machine that tenderly move the merchandise utilizing oars like an oar wheel on a pontoon. This is a moderate procedure, yet there is greatly little scraped area on the merchandise. Flat Oar Machines (over head oar machine) comprise of a bended beck like lower suction to contain the materials and the color alcohol. The merchandise are moved by a pivoting oar, which reaches out over the width of the machine. Half inundated oars cause the material to move upwards and downwards through out the alcohol. The temperature can be brought to 98o C up in such framework. 

In parallel/ oval oar machines comprise of oval tank to improve the liquid stream and the handling the merchandise. Amidst this tank is a shut oval island. The oar moves in a horizontal course and is not half submerged in the alcohol and the temperature can be expanded up to 98o C. 

HT Oar Machines work as per the standard of level oar machine, be that as it may, the temperature can be raised up to 140o C. PES articles are ideally colored on HT paddles. In oar machines, the coloring can be completed with 30:1 to 40:1, lower proportions lessens ideal development of the merchandise, lead to unlevel coloring, wrinkle arrangement. For tenderness, the sharpened pieces of steels of the oar are either bended or have adjusted edges and the pivoting pace of the oar can be controlled from 1.5 to 40 rpm. Dissemination of the alcohol ought to be sufficiently solid to keep products from sinking to the base. Oar machines are suitable for coloring articles of all substrates in all manifestations of make ups. The products are ordinarily colored utilizing PP/PET sacks.

Rotary Drum:

These machines deal with the guideline of "development of material and a stationary liquor".The turning drum coloring machine comprises of pivoting punctured barrel shaped drum , which pivots gradually inside a vessel of somewhat greater in size. The interior drum is separated into compartments to guarantee revolution of merchandise with the drum pivot, and the external vessel holds the obliged amount of color alcohol. High temperature drum machines are equipped for preparing the articles of clothing up to 140o C.

Highlights of advanced revolving coloring gear incorporate the accompanying:

1. lower alcohol proportion
2. tender development of merchandise and alcohol (minimizes surface scraped spot)
3. quick warming and cooling
4. radiating extraction
5. variable drum speed with inversion ability (versatile to a wide assortment of products)
6. consistent flow of products (enhances relocation control)
7. simple of examining
8. variable water levels with flood washing capacities
9. extensive breadth encourage and release lines (minimizes filling and depleting time)
10. chip controls
11. build up channels
12. weight coloring
13. auto-adjusting drums

One highlight that can be utilized to diminish scraped spot on fragile pieces of clothing or to minimize tangling is a compartmental chamber, at times alluded to as a "Y" pocke .The revolving drum machines are extremely easy to work and are truly smaller in size. The expense of unit is additionally not high .

Drum coloring centrifuging machines are likewise called "multipurpose drum machines" or "multi-fast coloring centrifuging machines" subsequent to these machines can perform scouring, coloring, centrifuging and molding progressively with computerized controls. The products are dealt with in a punctured internal drum housed inside an external drum (coloring tank). Inward drums without isolating dividers are furnished with ribs that convey the products along for a certain time, mostly lifting them up out of the alcohol. These machines can work at low alcohol proportions and can color the merchandise up to 98 -140o C. This is suitable for weaves and in addition different pieces of clothing. Alcohol dissemination can be escalated utilizing extra flies. Drums can be pivoted in both the headings.

Tumbler Dyeing Machines:

These machines are being utilized for little articles of clothing either as a part of free shape or in open lattice packs. Configuration savvy the tumbler coloring machines are like the business washing machines. 

The rule of operation is to load the material into punctured inward SS tanks , which turns round an even shaft altered at the back of the drum. The drum is separated into compartments for moving the products with pivot of drum. A mixture of tumbling machines have higher pivot speeds and can turn dry toward the end of the cycle. These are like dry-cleaning machines. 

Turning drum machines are more effective and cleaner to work than oar machines. The more incredible mechanical activity frequently advances more shrinkage and building, which may be alluring for a few articles. To handle higher amounts and substantial creation of comparable pieces the most recent machines are given a few programmed highlights and modernity.

Toroid Dyeing Machine:

In these machines the pieces of clothing course in the alcohol in a toroidal way with the guide of an impeller arranged underneath the punctured bogus base of the vessel. Development of the products depends totally on the pumped activity of the alcohol. High-temperature adaptations of this machine working at 120 to 130°C were produced in the 1970s for coloring completely formed polyester or triacetate articles of clothing. The alcohol proportion of such machines is around 30:1.


The machine has bolster as a vast wheel, which is partitioned into 12 autonomous non spiral compartments. The products are set in these compartments .The wheel runs at a moderate rate of 2-6 rpm.The primary preference of this machine are, 

1.Reduced M:L 
2.Different sorts of articles of clothing can be colored simulteneously . 
3.Flexible stacking 
4.Fully programmed operation. 
6.The MCS Readymade article of clothing coloring machine 

The rotodye machines are suitable for coloring immaculate cotton,wool,polyester,cotton mixes as Shirts, sweaters, shower floor coverings and adornments , socks and leggings.

Advantages of Garment Dyeing 

Treatment of littler parts monetarily 
Empowers different enhancements to accomplished 
Bothered look can be successfully granted 
Unsold light shades can be changed over into medium and profound shades 

When the article of clothing has been in a bubbling dyebath and afterward tumble-dried, it will have embraced its least vitality state and won't endure further shrinkage under purchaser washing conditions. 

Most recent design patterns can be successfully consolidated through piece of clothing wet handling by quick input from the client. 

Disadvantages of Garment Dyeing

High cost of transforming 

A bit muddled coloring 

Article of clothing frill like zips, catches, and so forth force confinements. The articles of clothing delivered from woven fabrics make numerous issues and it has been discovered that the current material treatment styles as produced for piece colored fabric can't be simply gathered for piece of clothing wet handling operation, for example, article of clothing coloring, unless they have been built from the first plan stage for piece of clothing coloring.


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